Friday, 31 January 2014

After a long day of ponytail wearing, sometimes a girl wants to let her hair down - but without that crease left behind by a tight elastic.
Twistbands are made from elastic trim and are thicker than your average hair tie. I finally found these for sale in New Zealand from Sample Bar's Glam Store (which I think has now shut down) after seeing the colourful bands all over the internet. Like magic, they claim to not crease your hair. I don't think I can comment on their ability to leave your hair without that dreaded bump as I wear my hair naturally curly most of the time so it goes a bit unnoticed. But I do think they add something playful to a plain old ponytail! I've been using them, along with my mum and sister, for over a week in high and low ponies and even a bun. Love all the colours and styles they come in.
Read all about how the company got started here - such a cute little story.
Lauren xxx


C'est Lauren

C'est Lauren
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