Sunday, 19 January 2014
After years of scrolling through blogs like LLYMLRS, Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter and Life Without Tanlines (to name a few of my favourites!), I am exploding with inspiration, jealousy and a hint of fearfulness. Exploding with inspiration because girls like Lily, Zoe, Louise and Lauren are all so different and unique but somehow I relate to each at one point or another. Bursting with jealousy because they take blogging to another level that I find intriguing. And a splash of fearfulness seeps in as I write my first post - what if no one reads my blog? What if I don't make any friends in the process? What if I'm bad at it...

Putting that aside - I'm just going to go for it. So here's the beginning, enjoy!

Lauren xxx


C'est Lauren

C'est Lauren
My name is Lauren and I am a
lover of the fashion and beauty
world from New Zealand.
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