Tuesday, 28 January 2014

There's something about silver jewellery. The way it looks when it's old. The way it looks when it's new. No matter the age, it is timeless and so easy to wear everyday.
I had been pining over the Karen Walker moon pendant for about a year, so when I spotted it on Trade Me (the New Zealand version of eBay) for about half the price last week, I didn't think twice. The crescent moon face pendant, which has a cute little star as an eye, hangs on Karen Walker's classic link chain. The clasp also has a small circle with 'kw' on it. Everything about it is so sweet. For a while, I have been a bit obsessed with moons so to finally have one on a necklace is perfect. It is also a bit different than the Runaway Girl which everyone and their mum seems to be sporting.
For Christmas, my lovely mother got me and my sister rings from Karen Walker's superfine range. We opened the boxes (which are the most beautiful mixture of elephant grey and gold) and knew they had been mixed up because she had the heart and I had the star. A quick switcharoo and we were in love! My heart ring needed resizing to fit my teeny tiny fingers so today was the first day I wore it! These are really popular and come in quite a lot of different designs. Stars, hearts, dogs, bears, cats, skulls, peace signs, daisies, bows... Like the range suggests they are superfine, which gives them a cute and dainty look.
So those are my recent purchases that I will be wearing everyday for sure! They go wonderfully with my Stolen Girlfriends Club bow ring and my Pandora heart one. I'm not overly adventurous when it comes to jewellery so these are my staples that I feel bare if I forget to pop them on daily!
Lauren xxx
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  1. I love that ring!!! Nice blog found you through a libster award suggestion :) xxx

  2. Thank you :) followed back! xx


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