Thursday, 24 April 2014

Mmm, marshmallows. 

That was my thought upon stepping into a hot bath with this bad boy. After running a plain old bath, I plonked in the Melting Marshmallow Moment melt from LUSH. Unlike a bomb or a bubble bar, bath melts don't fizz or fluff, they melt... Duh. It takes a wee while to work it's magic and really make a difference in the water (compared to other products I have tried) but this melts in pink and creates a subtle, not overly sickly smell of sweet marshmallows. That was a bonus with this melt as sometimes, pink products can be a bit over the top with their scents. Another plus was the silky feel to my skin after hopping out of the bath. Melting Marshmallow Moment has almond oil and cocoa butter in it so it was bound to be quite the moisturiser! 

I have purchased some other LUSH bath products which I hope to be telling you about on here soon. Let me know what your favourite bath thing is and I might try it out! It's coming up winter here so baths are a perfect way to spend nights.

Lauren xxx

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Contemplating a hairbrush is rough for a girl with a head of thick, long, brown hair but my keen eye spotted this Michel Mercier detangling brush - admittedly because it was pink... This brush is actually the children's version but I'm pretty sure the only difference between this and the original Michel Mercier detangling brushes are the colours? Both ranges have 428 bristles at varying heights and widths in a bid to remove knots without pain. It's a similar idea to the Tangle Teezer which I have also tried, however this range has three types of brushes for thick, medium or fine hair (I got thick). In comparison to other detanglers, the bristles on the Michel Mercier ones are harder and feel somewhat more stable. The brush isn't completely painless when removing knots which no brand can guarantee, but I do notice slightly less fall out which for me is a bonus! It is also a bit more user friendly compared to the shape of other detangling brushes with no handle. The handle and wide paddle (my friend commented it looked like a tennis racket haha) are huge selling points and really make the brush unique and a breeze to use! 

Lauren xxx

Sunday, 6 April 2014
Hi lovelies! Do you even remember me..? Apologies for the couple of weeks off! It has all been a bit crazy with finishing my diploma, my boyfriend coming home, working and I am currently feeling quite under the weather unfortunately.

I thought I'd kick things off again with a Sunday Six post where I list off a few things that made me smile in order to keep in perspective the good things going on around me. I'll be putting some things from the last two weeks into this post to give you a bit of an update!

1. Like I said, I completed my diploma! It was very exciting to receive that congratulatory email saying I had passed, and the fourth one to do so. Now onto job hunting and working...

2. Following on from that - I applied for a job. It's not the most thrilling process with updating resumes, creating cover letters and online applications. However, it did give me a glimmer of hope and a teeny bit of excitement bubbled up inside me at the possibility of a fresh, new job after studying.

3. I finally got to see Jacob! It had been eight weeks since he was home, but four since I had seen him, so to have him back here for the weekend was lovely. He got to come to my graduation dinner, go to his grandmother's birthday and just relax which he hadn't done since he headed to the army.

4. During my graduation dinner, awards were presented and I managed to snap one up. I won an award and prize for best shorthand writer which was rewarding as hard work pays off and I actually enjoyed that part of the year!

5. No idea why I haven't put this higher on the list but... I hit 100 followers on Bloglovin. And then 150! That is just beyond a number I expected so hank you to all of you readers! I would love to know what your favourite kinds of posts are to read and any you would like to see on here?! Comment below if you have any post ideas.

6. This morning, I woke to a post on Facebook by the one and only Ed Sheeran. A minute of his new song 'Sing' was released and that was basically the best minute of my day! I am a huge huge huge fan and cannot wait for the entire song and the rest of an album to be blasting from my iTunes.

Once again, sorry for the blogging holiday! I hope to be better - but thank you for following and continuing to read my posts. Reaching those two milestones mentioned was such a boost.

Let me know what the best part of your week was! I love replying to comments and want to hear the highlights :)

Lauren xxx

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