Thursday, 24 April 2014

Mmm, marshmallows. 

That was my thought upon stepping into a hot bath with this bad boy. After running a plain old bath, I plonked in the Melting Marshmallow Moment melt from LUSH. Unlike a bomb or a bubble bar, bath melts don't fizz or fluff, they melt... Duh. It takes a wee while to work it's magic and really make a difference in the water (compared to other products I have tried) but this melts in pink and creates a subtle, not overly sickly smell of sweet marshmallows. That was a bonus with this melt as sometimes, pink products can be a bit over the top with their scents. Another plus was the silky feel to my skin after hopping out of the bath. Melting Marshmallow Moment has almond oil and cocoa butter in it so it was bound to be quite the moisturiser! 

I have purchased some other LUSH bath products which I hope to be telling you about on here soon. Let me know what your favourite bath thing is and I might try it out! It's coming up winter here so baths are a perfect way to spend nights.

Lauren xxx

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