Tuesday, 25 March 2014

These three body butters came as a set which I couldn't help but try out! I see Soap and Glory products pop up on blogs daily, but here in New Zealand I unfortunately haven't found it in store. Upon first glance Dirty Works has a similar look to Soap and Glory but having never tried their products, I can't say these are a dupe. But they definitely have the look! After smelling, I loved Velvety Vanilla and Supreme Cream (which I am thinking about purchasing a larger tub of). That Fiji Feeling Coconut body butter however, didn't do anything for me. I'm normally not put off by coconut smells but it meant I haven't used this one and don't think I will. It's a bit overwhelming. The two I have tried definitely do the job, and well. I apply it before bed, after a shower and my skin (especially dry areas like the knees and elbows) feels great in the morning! 

Has anyone found Soap and Glory in New Zealand? Or anywhere online with free shipping? 

Lauren xxx

Sunday, 23 March 2014
Whilst out one day, I spotted these glass jars for only $5. Immediately, I put two under my arms and left the store with a bargain! When I arrived home, I wondered what they could actually be used for... and nail polishes sprung to mind. So I took all my polishes out of their regular storage (half haphazardly thrown into a basket, the other half kept in a fold out makeup bag) and placed them in one of these! Admittedly, it can get a bit noisy when choosing a colour but I love the way it looks on my shelf and it's a great way to spot polishes because it's clear glass. 

Where do you store your nail polishes?

Thanks for reading :)

Lauren xxx

Tuesday, 18 March 2014
Like a lot of girls, anything pink and pretty grabs my attention. So when I saw that Benefit had put together a little pink box of two small sized products, I couldn't wait to try it out. I got this duo for my birthday a few weeks ago and think it's the perfect set. The sizes are pretty small but great for me, as at the moment, I'm wanting to just try before I buy large. 
High Beam is a creamy highlight which blends out nicely on the cheek bones or brow bone. Only a few dots are needed - it's quite pearly! 
Posie Tint can be used on either the lips or cheeks. So far, I've only used it on my lips and loved it! It goes on feeling quite wet but allow it time and it tints my lips a really nice dark pinky colour. Another thing I like is the applicator. It is a brush type one which is quite handy for the lips where I use it!
TOP // High Beam. BOTTOM // Posie Tint.

What Benefit products can you recommend? Thanks for reading :)

Lauren xxx
Sunday, 16 March 2014
Last week ASOS and the post man were very familiar with my name and address. So here's what I bought!
First, I got this spotty top. It has a oversized, drop waist peplum shape to it which I love and the sleeves are a bit longer than regular t-shirt sleeves. I also picked up two Rimmel products - the Natural Bronzer (in the lightest shade Sun Light) and their Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel. The bronzer is lovely for adding a really slight warm tone to the face, as a bronzer should, but it's not overly strong on my skin! The pencil unfortunately is a bit light for my dark brows but I will probably keep using it teamed with a powder for now.
In my second order, I got two camis from the Petite collection. One in black of course, and one in a pinky nude blush colour. I have already worn the black one and loved it! So I'm sure the pink one will fit in to my wardrobe too this week. They are a shiny-ish fabric, not stretchy but fall really nicely and fit great. Even though we are heading into winter here in New Zealand, they are both perfect for layering and then on their own in the summer. 
Hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks so much for reading :)

Lauren xxx
Wednesday, 12 March 2014

'The Colour of Minnie' - OPI

This mini OPI came in a set of four I got a while ago which were all themed around Minnie Mouse. Such a cute idea! The Colour of Minnie is the reddest of the bunch (one of which was a clear top coat, which was smashed). It has a bit of a glimmer to it, rather than being a straight, basic red. The picture above is only with one coat, proving it is quite pigmented and would look even better with two along with a top coat for durability and staying power. I really like OPI mini sets (ignoring the price tag) because even the small test sizes last quite a while for me and it allows you to have a matching colour range.

Have you tried any OPI mini sets? Which ones? Give me some to have a look at :)

Lauren xxx
Tuesday, 11 March 2014

One of my favourite fairy tales when I was younger was Princess and the Pea. To my parents, I was a pretty fussy child. Hard to get to eat anything at all and sometimes, hard to get to sleep, just like the princess. But one of the very few vegetables I have always loved has been peas! I even eat them frozen - such a weird habit haha. 

When my mum came home a while ago and recreated the smashed peas she had at her friend's house, I was instantly hooked. Even though it's not the prettiest snack, it's so tasty! I love putting it on toast at any time of the day, as pictured, or even just eating it as part of a platter style dinner with crackers, dips, vegetables and salad. This week, I made some up and thought why not snap some pictures and share what I put in it with you?!

Olive Oil
Garlic (grated)

These can be used at any ratio.

After cooking the peas on a double boiler, strain them and run them under cold water to stop the cooking process. Put them in a large bowl or container - one with enough room to start smashing! Once you can't see many whole peas, pour in the olive oil, squeeze some lemon and keep smashing. Add the other ingredients to taste. I find it useful to test as you go along to find the right ratio of olive oil to lemon that suits you! It tastes pretty good right after making but even better the next day!

What's one of your favourite snacks? Will you be trying 'smashed peas' any time soon?

Lauren xxx

Saturday, 8 March 2014
Another week has passed and as always, there were positives and negatives. For the last two weeks on the blog, I've been listing off six cute, happy things that happened in the last seven days. So here's this weeks installment!

1. Now I don't know if this is a positive or negative (I'll let you decide haha) but ASOS had an extra 20% off sale items this week and somehow I made two orders... That could be classed as a problem. I might post about what I bought when it arrives! Yipee! Did you grab anything during the ASOS sale?

2. Coming to the end of my studies, I have just started doing some work experience in social media - and I've actually really enjoyed it! It's to do with sport, which isn't very like me but it's something new, out of my comfort zone and another opportunity!

3. Keeping with the studies theme, I started a new class/paper which happens to be my last! YAY! It is on sub-editing and design which is pretty up my street so it should be a good couple of weeks.

4. This one is a bit weird - I've discovered a new hair tip. Through watching Zoella, she mentioned that rather than spraying hairspray directly onto a finished look, she sprays it onto a hairbrush and combs it through or on top of the look. I find this pretty useful with a high ponytail, it keeps those fly aways and fuzzy bits at bay for slightly longer! 

5. I have reached 80 Bloglovin followers! Almost at 100, which would be a pretty cool feeling!

6. At the moment, I can't really think of a last one so I thought it might be good to put a few newly discovered hidden gems of the blogging world. Maddy at gypsywardrobe.blogspot.au commented on one of my posts recently so I popped over to her blog - immediately in love. Another two I find myself checking are oceanicstars.blogspot.co.nz and laurajarvispatterndesign.com. Be sure to have a look!

And here's a little something to inspire you for this week! (source)

Lauren xxx
Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Today, during a quick trip to some stores to check out the sales I found this adorable tee in Dotti. It's a grey, fleck, boyfriend style top with the cutest pug I have ever seen printed on it in black. Just had to have it! Lately, I've seen some really cool similar printed tops on ASOS. They are so easy to wear, in summer or winter, and will never really get old! I put some of the ones I found online below for you to check out - the 'pizza is my boyfriend' one is definitely up my street! 

ASOS Print Tees

ASOS black t shirt, 22 NZD / ASOS top, 25 NZD / Monki crop top, 18 NZD / ASOS white t shirt, 31 NZD

Lauren xxx
Monday, 3 March 2014
Since it's that 'favourites' time of the month, I thought I would do something a little bit different - round off my top favourites videos! I love favourites that have unheard of and different products in them or include some non-beauty items like TV shows, food, movies, books and music. I've just popped a few I liked below so have peek!

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did! Link me to your favourites post or video and I'll be sure to check them out.

Lauren xxx
Sunday, 2 March 2014
Hi loves! Hope your Sunday was nice and relaxing :) here is the second week of my 'Sunday Six' post where I list six happy or positive things that happened over the last seven days.

1. Today, I went on a little road trip to see my boyfriend, Jacob, for the first time in a month. It was such a lovely day and really great to see him and where he's been training for the last few weeks. Especially since it was our three year anniversary this week too. Only 24 days until the next visit!

2. I am currently in the last month of my diploma in journalism and have ticked three assessments off my list in the last week - working in small chunks of time really does work.

3. One of my best friends had a baby! Haven't seen him or a photo yet but I absolutely can't wait to give him a snuggle!

4. I turned 19! On my birthday, I had a 10 hour shift at work which wasn't ideal but having the next day off and seeing Jacob totally made up for it.

5. A Topshop jumper I have been pining over for ages has finally been added to my wardrobe. It's cream and wooly and gorgeous. Bring on winter so I can rug up in that!

6. Twenty new people started following my blog on Bloglovin! It's so cool to think that a couple of people start reading my posts every day. I love the idea of having a group of fellow bloggers to talk to!

Here's a little Instagram photo of today!

Lauren xxx

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