Saturday, 8 March 2014
Another week has passed and as always, there were positives and negatives. For the last two weeks on the blog, I've been listing off six cute, happy things that happened in the last seven days. So here's this weeks installment!

1. Now I don't know if this is a positive or negative (I'll let you decide haha) but ASOS had an extra 20% off sale items this week and somehow I made two orders... That could be classed as a problem. I might post about what I bought when it arrives! Yipee! Did you grab anything during the ASOS sale?

2. Coming to the end of my studies, I have just started doing some work experience in social media - and I've actually really enjoyed it! It's to do with sport, which isn't very like me but it's something new, out of my comfort zone and another opportunity!

3. Keeping with the studies theme, I started a new class/paper which happens to be my last! YAY! It is on sub-editing and design which is pretty up my street so it should be a good couple of weeks.

4. This one is a bit weird - I've discovered a new hair tip. Through watching Zoella, she mentioned that rather than spraying hairspray directly onto a finished look, she sprays it onto a hairbrush and combs it through or on top of the look. I find this pretty useful with a high ponytail, it keeps those fly aways and fuzzy bits at bay for slightly longer! 

5. I have reached 80 Bloglovin followers! Almost at 100, which would be a pretty cool feeling!

6. At the moment, I can't really think of a last one so I thought it might be good to put a few newly discovered hidden gems of the blogging world. Maddy at commented on one of my posts recently so I popped over to her blog - immediately in love. Another two I find myself checking are and Be sure to have a look!

And here's a little something to inspire you for this week! (source)

Lauren xxx

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  1. this is a lovely post idea! id love it if youd check out my blog and comment back :) xx


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