Sunday, 2 March 2014
Hi loves! Hope your Sunday was nice and relaxing :) here is the second week of my 'Sunday Six' post where I list six happy or positive things that happened over the last seven days.

1. Today, I went on a little road trip to see my boyfriend, Jacob, for the first time in a month. It was such a lovely day and really great to see him and where he's been training for the last few weeks. Especially since it was our three year anniversary this week too. Only 24 days until the next visit!

2. I am currently in the last month of my diploma in journalism and have ticked three assessments off my list in the last week - working in small chunks of time really does work.

3. One of my best friends had a baby! Haven't seen him or a photo yet but I absolutely can't wait to give him a snuggle!

4. I turned 19! On my birthday, I had a 10 hour shift at work which wasn't ideal but having the next day off and seeing Jacob totally made up for it.

5. A Topshop jumper I have been pining over for ages has finally been added to my wardrobe. It's cream and wooly and gorgeous. Bring on winter so I can rug up in that!

6. Twenty new people started following my blog on Bloglovin! It's so cool to think that a couple of people start reading my posts every day. I love the idea of having a group of fellow bloggers to talk to!

Here's a little Instagram photo of today!

Lauren xxx


  1. this is such a cute post idea i love it! id love it if youd check out my blog and comment back xx

    1. Thank you :) keep checking back every week, it will be a regular post! Love your week in Instagram posts over on your blog xx


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