Saturday, 22 February 2014
Hello and happy Sunday!

I have decided to make a regular Sunday post with six happy/good/exciting things that happened to me over the past seven days. Kind of like a round up of my week but I also think it's a good way to keep focussed on the positive things. 

1. I got AM by the Arctic Monkeys. They are coming to Wellington in a couple of months and I am hoping to be heading to the concert! The album is a few months old but I love it so far. 
2. I finally spoke to my boyfriend! He is in the army doing his basic training at the moment and the only communication we have had over the last few weeks has been letters. But he was surprisingly able to call me for five minutes two nights this week which was a huge pick me up.
3. So I have a bad, unhealthy addiction to chips/crisps, but this week I feel like I have cut down a bit (meaning I didn't have them every day... haha). Lets see if I can cut down further!
4. I managed to take my dog, Louie, to the dog park about four times this week. It can get quite hard with getting home late off the train to find the motivation to go but I notice a little extra run around makes us both feel better!
5. My chords on the guitar have gotten heaps better. It was was one of my Christmas presents last year and I have pretty much mastered D, G, C, A and Em chords after some sneaky YouTube tutorials as I am teaching myself.
6. I reached over 50 followers on Bloglovin! Yay! So thank you to you wonderful followers and readers. It means a lot, especially since this blog is fairly recent!

Let me know the best parts of your week below :)

Lauren xxx


  1. awww how sweet about your boyfriend! that must be so hard for you! and honestly my crisp addiction is so bad i need to cut down too ! id love it if youd check out my blog and comment back! xx

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment! Made me feel a bit better about my addiction haha. Love your blog and dropped you a comment :) xxx


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